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European SBP, SQP, SMP  - Swimming Pool Pumps from Aquanautics Systems

Suitable for the hot spring bathsm small swimming pools, water treatment facilities etc.

The wet end is made by high strength engineering plastic. And attach with wear-resisting mechanical seal.
Self priming functions. Th max suction is 1.5m
71 Frame with exclusive plastic base.
With low noise standard motors; Single phase motor installation TI thermal protector.
Motor adopts high temperature resistant bearing that be long life, reliable and durable.
Liquid absolutely separate with shaft to keep more safe and reliable.
Air switch / pneumatic switch is optional.
insulation class F,Protection IPX5
CE, TUV Certification approval




European Type SCPA(B)-E , SCPA(B)  - Swimming pool Water pumps from Aquanauitcs System Bangalore, India


 Suitable for the hot spring baths, large swimming pools, water treatments facilities etc.



European Type - SUPA, SUPB  - Swimming Pool Pumps from Aquanautics Systems India

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