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Features of Aquanautics Fibre Pools

1. Customized cost effective swimming pools as per customer's taste for colour size and Shape. 

2.Skimmer Type Or Overflow type from domestic to commercial pools

3).Tiles can be fixed(optional)

4.Light Weight with 100% leakage proof

5.Installable anywhere from underground to above the ground with 7-10 days

6.Easily movable from one location to another

7.Any refurbication(if needed) can be done in couple of days

8.Pool colour can be changed as per available shades

9. Maintenance free pool and cost effective

10. Customized logo or pictures as per customer choice


Technical Specification of Fibre pools from Auanautics System

The pool is made with sandwich construction technology. The inner coat is gel coat with UV resistant German made  Transparent coat.

Dura Color for best color effect and non-fading properties. The fibre is isothermal coats with CSM-fibre for high strength and flexibility. 

Indoor or Outdoor application: Gel Coat mixed color for long life

Woven-roving fibre layers. Steel sandwich ribs and self-support pool. customised design with smooth wall and anti-skid ground surface.

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