Equipment & Accessories

We offer to our client a wide choice of equipment to choose from,
• Filteration ranging from 450 – 2000 diameter in FRP bobbin wound & Fibre glass laminated filter with latest technology
• Low noise Filtration pumps ranging from 0.75 HP – 10 HP
• Complete range of pool fittings, pool side equipment viz. ladders, and gratings,
• Wide range of under water illumination
• Recreation items viz. swim jets & counter current.
• Swimming Pool chemicals viz. TCCA , liquid chlorine, chlorinators etc .
• Heat pump supply with installation with standard components.
• Prefabricated Pools (FRP Readymade Pools)

We offer technical services, after sales services and warranty on our products to our customers.


We being the importer cater to a wide range of OEM’s across Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Maharashtra, Delhi & Kolkatta in supplying Swimming pool equipment. We have also executed projects related to resorts, apartments, individual villas etc.

Our Strength lies in supplying of highest quality product at competitive pricing with warranty backed by technical support

Aquanautics System Private Limited
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Mobile No: +91 9980471624 / 9987099741

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Aquanautics System Private Limited
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Equipment & Accessories

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